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  • Shoes!!!

    So Claire from Miso Funky posted a picture of some fabulous red shoes she bought the other day - of course I had to peek and when I saw they were from Primark I knew that my Wednesday was sorted!! I had great fun looking at shoes and trying on dresses that looked ridiculous on me!! Here are the shoes I bought.

    First up the red ones - they are more of an orangey red than a bright red - they clashed horribly with my orange tights when I tried them on!

    And would you believe it - the white ones jumped into my basket too!

    And some fab black ones!

    They did these patent ones in purple too - drool drool - but not in my size I contemplated cutting my toes off to fit into the size 4 (I'm a size 6) but I didn't think it was quite worth it! And to prove that shoe love runs in the family, here are the girls!

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    Oooh I like those! I can only wear lowish heels so those are just right and that I could have them in a size 3 too, unfortunately I've recently bought a pair of boot shoes so that's me for a while...typical isn't it?!
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      ooooooo, Primark you say! Guess where i'll be going tomorrow! The red ones and the black ones are lovely!!!!!


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        Oh I WANT those shoes, they are lush, just my kinda thing. I feel a shopping expedition coming on!


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          Ooh, they'd be perfect to wear with jeans as they're low enough for me to wear out shopping instead of having to trudge round in my comfy trainers. Am thinking I need a trip to Oxford for a spot of Primark shopping

          Good find!
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