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  • New Year, New Me

    With all of the recent talk of 'losing the flab' I just thought I'd share my blog about my weight loss plans for the year...

    Good luck to anyone else who finds themselves in a similar position.

    LJ xxx

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    thats great well done, and i like the idea of buying a childrens plate to keep portion sizes down, i might steal that idea. good luck.


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      Originally posted by spagbog View Post
      thats great well done, and i like the idea of buying a childrens plate to keep portion sizes down, i might steal that idea. good luck.
      Thank you

      Good luck to you too if you decide to go for the reduced portion sizes


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        I'm sure you're gonna do really, really well!
        MISI -


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          Originally posted by Louise88 View Post
          I'm sure you're gonna do really, really well!
          I live in hope... and I'm sure you'll do really well too


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            Way to go . . . . . . .

            she says with a tube of pringles and a tub of cheese and chive dip in front of her . . . . . .

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              pass it over here please auntynet, sour cream and chive dip is amaaaaazing. Only Sunday to go for me now and then health eating starts monday. No bad food left in house now.


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                I ended up having some Doritos with Asda dips last night lol... though I'm not 'officially' starting my healthy eating until Monday but I was still annoyed because I'd done quite well throughout the day


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                  Wishing you strong will power and success!
                  A small blip in the diet does not mean you throw out the whole diet, just as an error in crafting does not cause you to give up crafting.

                  You didn't pick up weight in one day/month or year equally you need to give yourself time to reverse the process, even if Doritos try and sabotage the process a bit
                  Terry xxx
                  You can't have everything. Where would you put it all?" - Steven Wright
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                    Well done you. You've got the two most important things a positive mental attitude and a smaller plate!

                    Make your changes gradually and I'm sure you will do really well.

                    I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2009.

                    Alice x
                    I started off with nothing and I've still got most if left.



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                      Good Luck with this, although I don't think you'll need it. You definitely have the right attitude


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                        I studied nutrition for a while and was startled by some of the things that are said regarding how to eat. A publication that aims to help people understand what different foods do is (badly) named 'the South Beach diet' (it isn't a diet). It begins by explaining a lot of urban legends surrounding food and explains why they are wrong and how to correct for the misconceptions. Unfortunately it all ends up with recipes and the web site for the book is of little interest. It was written by a heart surgeon who hated the fact that his patients kept coming back and simply didn't understand eating, or were being deliberately misled by diet fads. Diets left them hungry, so they ate.

                        By way of example, which is more fattening: a bowl of ice-cream, or a slice of dry toast? The latter is prescribed as 'breakfast' for at least one 'diet', however, the insulin-rush that follows 20 minutes after eating the toast (the salivary amylase converts the starch in the bread to glucose which gives the body a sugar-rush) makes you feel hungry again, and since you've hardly eaten anything, and hardly chewed anything, you need to eat! The bowl of ice-cream cools your stomach and slows digestion. If it's proper iced cream, your body will naturally limit how much you can eat.

                        Try eating a pack of butter: you won't get very far. Now an enormous pack of biscuits: your body hasn't evolved fast enough to tell you that the complex carbs in the biscuits are food and doesn't tell you to stop eating like it does for older foods. If you can slow the absorption rate of fats they are far less fattenting, so eating flapjacks, for example, is not bad for you: it fills you, it makes you chew, and the sugars in the syrup or treacle are absorbed slowly because of the roughage.

                        I mentioned chewing because the brain has a sensor in the hinge of the jaw, and it's not very precise: if you make enough chewing motions it starts to think you've eaten and tells you you're not hungry any more! To lose weight, it is important not to feel hungry. To stop feeling hungry, allow your brain to be deceived! Chew a lot! Chewing gum may help.

                        Protein is difficult to digest and that is good: slow absorption and a full stomach keep you feeling full (like lions and crocodiles who eat and then sleep for ages).

                        Another strange thing people do is eat salad... but not actually know how to eat salad! In most supermarkets, they sell bags of mixed salad leaves or Rocket etc. for a pound. That much salad should be one portion for one person! You can actually stuff a whole bag in your mouth and chew it up and it vanishes as you chew (in private, please)! So keep salad serving as enormous as possible - growing your own is fun, but bear in mind that it's not wrong to eat heaps of leafy things - just make sure you chew for ages!

                        No one likes peas and yet you can live off of peas alone (a couple in Australia do). Buy the slightly more expensive frozen petit pois and prepare them by pouring boiling water over them. Don't 'cook' them!!! I pour them into a beer glass, cover with boiling water, and leave while I get on with other things, then just prior to serving, change the water for more boiling water, serve everything else and lastly the petit pois which will be like hot freshly picked peas and burst in the mouth as all good food should (strawberries, blue steak etc.). Mushrooms should also burst in the mouth (shallow fry in olive oil salt and pepper for a few seconds, they absorb it, then pour on a little apple juice and serve.

                        One final one: dentists hate people eating apples (unless they're into recurring revenue), they'd rather your kids ate a packet of crisps which these days have little salt and fat but lack the fruit acids that damage teeth. Eat crisps after fruit to clean your teeth!

                        In summary:
                        * avoid complex carbs (sugar,flour based things) except when eaten with slow-to-digest foods (roughage, protein)
                        * stay full! eat two weetabix or before going to sleep - don't fast on an empty stomach!
                        * don't feel that you're limiting yourself, feel that you're re-discovering food. Reapply your budget: stand back in the veg section of the supermarket and see everything: try new things you wouldn't have before (blueberries are often on offer because they go off quickly, but most people wouldn't consider buying them because their normal price is so expensive).
                        * Excercise is important too: find something, anything and enjoy it!

                        Aaargh! Too long!!!
                        OK - I'll stop now!

                        The usual disclaimer: I don't know anything about anything - look up verifications yourself and don't believe anything on the Internet.

                        Blogging your transition is a great idea, I'm sure you'll succeed.
                        If I ever make anything good enough to sell, I'll want to keep it!



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                          Thank you to everyone for your words of support and encouragement, they are very much appreciated.

                          And also huge thanks to Ross for your extremely informative post which I have actually printed off to use as a reference as I'm sure it will help and there are a few areas there that I'd like to look into in more detail, thank you


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                            Originally posted by RhinosoRoss View Post
                            No one likes peas and yet you can live off of peas alone (a couple in Australia do). Buy the slightly more expensive frozen petit pois and prepare them by pouring boiling water over them.
                            I LIKE PEAS ACTUALLY VERY MUCH SO

                            was that post copied or did you write it, theres some most odd references, wordings in it.


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                              Well done LJ as I commented on your blog I will be joining you, starts today, I normally find if I cut out bread and snacks between meals, unless healthy, I can do quite well. don't believe in diets though as I think they make you put on weight as you get obsessed with food. healthier eating is the way to go. You can do it.