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The salt dough ornaments!

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  • The salt dough ornaments!

    As you can see Anya was very excited about making salt dough ornaments for her teachers!

    Here is the dough all mixed up - I added food colouring but next time I think I will add more green as it looks very similar to the yellow!

    The girls were more excited about the pink though! Here is a shot of the girls in action - and yes they are still in their pajama's as we had a PJ day yesterday!

    And here are some of the finished ornaments.

    This is before they were baked and afterwards I mixed some pva glue with glitter and coated them in that to give them some shine and sparkle. The recipe I used is here but I would recommend baking them for longer - mine stayed in for nearly 3 hours. So if you are one of Anya's teachers or a special relative then you haven't seen these, right?

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