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Bitten the Blogging Bullet!

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  • Bitten the Blogging Bullet!

    Well the time has finally come when I have taken on board the good advice offered here and Started my blog!

    It was a very hard Bullet to bite given my research into many blogs on here, showing amazing, stunning and inspirational blogs. The inspiration is one thing but I found it all such a hard act to follow.

    I then figured well hey ho we all got to start somewhere! and crafting isn't about "following" it is about expressing.

    So a blog it is albeit not a patch on many I have had the great pleasure in looking through these past few days.

    Buffys Blog
    "Buffys Charms" my lil ol' Blog

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    I haven't been blogging very long either but you're being a little too modest. It's off to a lovely start - the trick is keeping going. I do love those fimo beads. Hope you begin to enjoy your blog and the people you 'meet' through it. It's great fun!



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      Thank you Julia x x

      It is fun which I guess is the important thing!

      I had a look see at your Blog and it is truely stunning! The photography is amazing and your work beautiful!

      x x
      "Buffys Charms" my lil ol' Blog

      Buffys Charms Website


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        Its lovely Buffy. I once tried but im no tecky as you know lol. may have another bash at it tomorrow, but maybe not hahaha!!!

        Folksy shop


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          It's a great start Buffy
          Chris xx
          My Website
          My Blog


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            I recently started one but i cant seem to get the hang of it!! I started one post but I'm not really sure what the point of it is as I havnt even told anyone I have it!!
            I thought it would be a good place to direct people until I have a website made up, so people dont get bored or forget me!!
            What do you all use yours for!?


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              Thank you Chris x x


              I was advised to do it on here, and already I have viewed so many other peoples blogs and followed links to their shops etc so I can get the point of it.

              It is nice to log your journey and see back how you've learned new tricks and go back to old ones!

              I have also noticed a community thing going on with competitions and help etc which I would love to get involved with soon.

              I spent several days looking through peoples blogs then started my own I would advise it!

              I am thoroughly enjoying it and already logging days events in my head to Post about!

              x x
              "Buffys Charms" my lil ol' Blog

              Buffys Charms Website


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                Ahaaa i see!!!
                Well perhaps i should pop mine on the bottom of my 'signature' then so people can have a ganders!!
                Its not that great at the moment though, so perhaps i should leave it till later!?


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                  You should!!

                  mine is not great either but as I posted it isn't a competition, it is about expression x x x x
                  "Buffys Charms" my lil ol' Blog

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                    Welcome to blogging ... i have been blogging for over a year now and love it !!
                    I have made lots of friends and im sure it has saved my DP's sanity as i am no longer asking him every few minutes what he thinks of things i have made now if im not sure i just pop a photo on my blog !! I also have lots of links to my website and find it a great way to let people know i have new things

                    if you need any help just give me a shout !!

                    Sara x
                    allabouteden blog


                    my folksy shop


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                      Thanks Sara! I can understand the DP's Sanity train of thought too!
                      I drive mine mad too mostly because there are no footballers in arts and crafts

                      At the moment I can't view any keep getting a spyware or cookies error

                      I hate clearing out my cookies as it means having to get all my forgotten passwords back *blush*
                      "Buffys Charms" my lil ol' Blog

                      Buffys Charms Website


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                        I've just had a gander and your blog looks good!
                        I only started mine about a month ago and have found it keeps me motivated. I actually started it before I found this place as I just wanted a way to tell family and friends what I was doing and to keep a record of my projects. I was surprised to find people started reading it!
                        I'm looking forward to reading about your future projects on there