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The Blackberry (and organised) Fairy

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  • The Blackberry (and organised) Fairy

    My berries cluster black and thick
    For rich and poor alike to pick.

    I'll tear your dress, and cling and tease,
    And scratch your hands and arms and knees.

    I'll stain your fingers and your face,
    And then I'll laugh at your disgrace.

    But when the bramble-jelly's made,
    You'll find your trouble well repaid.

    - The Song of the Blackberry Fairy!

    This was left in my comments yesterday by the lovely Natalie of Roseberry Crafts and it's so true! Anya's nails still have juice under them and her face was stained yesterday when we got back. She loved it though, despite being stung by nettles numerous times, and managed to walk 2 and a half miles. We made 4lbs of jam this morning and had just enough left over to make a blackberry crumble for our tea tonight - yum!

    I've been super organised this morning! There's nothing like talking to potential stockists and having numerous orders rolling in to get you motivated! I've sewn 10 chickens, some of which are duplicates so not all 10 are pictured here. Some are custom orders and some are because they had been pinned together for months and sitting in my to do pile and I got sick of seeing them there!!

    They just need zips and button eyes and they are ready to roll. I also made 2 dozen business cards and they just need the ends tying off and cutting out properly.

    I've also done a load of washing and hung it out to dry, changed the beds, made some bread, washed up (yes proper washing up Alex!) and sorted some clothes out. I'm now heading upstairs to put some clothes away and then I'm going to cut some fabric out for peg bags! May as well go with the organised Lynsey while she is here!

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    OOOOOH!! Yum Yum!!!!! I've been picking blackberries when I have been walking Jack the dog. I've frozen them each time I've come home. I might have enough for a couple of jars of jam. Last year I did damson jam . We got the damsons when we were out walking. I opened a jar of it the other day for Bob's toast and ooh it was lovely. Much nicer becuase it had 'matured' I think!!!!! Sue xx