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  • Ijl

    Yesterday I attended International Jewellery London at Earl's Court. I had a fantastic day admiring some of the most beautiful jewellery I have ever seen. I thought I had gone to heaven.

    They also offered seminars and I attended 'Relationship Selling - Building now for the future'. Even though it was more specifically aimed at retailers and people with shops, I still found it very useful and insightful. At the moment I sell my work mostly through commissions, jewellery parties & online. But customer service is still incredibly important and definitely isn't what it used to be. When walking into shops, people don't even make eye contact anymore. What's happened to just being curteous and polite?

    Anyhow, I digress. The seminar was very useful and I have taken it all onboard.

    After a few hours of being at IJL, I have to admit that I started feeling just a tad overwhelmed. I never thought I could ever tire of looking at beautiful jewellery. But I realised after a while that I was just wandering around aimlessly and that I didn't even see the jewellery anymore. So I decided to head on home.

    I will definitely be back there next year. And maybe one day, I might even have a stand there. Who knows? One can only but dream.