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    A work colleague recently commissioned me to make charm bracelets for her 2 nieces who have just graduated. A lot of my jewellery is personalised and she gave me a little bit of information about their personalities.

    They are twins and very alike but also very different. For their 21st birthdays, they were given garnet rings (in gold) but the rings are quite different styles. She asked me to make them each a matching charm bracelet in the same style, but different to reflect their different personalities.

    I decided to use 14k gold filled wire, charms & clasps as I want these bracelets to last a lifetime. This is how my colleague described each of her nieces…

    “Meag is going to teacher's college this Fall to become a music teacher so one with a few musical instrument charms would be perfect; Meag is very girlie.”

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find any musical instrument charms in 14k gold filled. The only ones I could find were either much too expensive in gold or very poor quality brass charms. So we agreed that I will use Sterling Silver wire & charms. This bracelet features garnet Swarovski crystals and Sterling Silver music charms including a note, bass cleff & treble cleff. Each bead has been individually wire wrapped with Sterling Silver wire.
    “Kait loves butterflies so a bracelet with butterfly charms would be lovely. Kait is very quiet, loves to read and this Fall will be taking her MA in history.”

    Finding 14k gold filled book charms also proved to be a bit of a challenge, but I found these beautiful antique brass butterfly charms and a beautiful heart. This bracelet also features garnet Swarovski crystals and antique brass butterfly charms and a heart charm. Each bead has been individually wire wrapped with 14k gold filled wire.

    I was pretty nervous about working with the gold filled wire, and I was worried about wasting this expensive wire. But after a little while I realised that it’s the same as working with any other wire so I relaxed a bit. I’m really pleased with how they turned out, but more importantly, my customer absolutely loves them!