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Is it time for another holiday yet?

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  • Is it time for another holiday yet?

    Well we had out little break in lovely Cornwall, but unfortunately due to bad weather, the holiday wasn't so lovely afterall. Still, it's nice to get away and spend time with the kiddies and with hubby and a change of scenery is always a good thing. I was planning to post some photos of the lovely places we visited, but my camera decided to die on me. And the photos I did manage to salvage are all really blurry and fuzzy, so the camera has obviously been feeling under the weather for a while.

    On the first day we went to the lovely Eden Project. Now if you haven't been there yet, please do yourself a favour and visit as soon as you can. It is beautiful and we had a great time, even though it was pouring down. We hardly noticed.

    Sunflowers in bloom at The Eden Project

    We then also visited a couple of fishing towns like Looe & Mevagissey and the highlight of the holiday for me was discovering The Bead Store. I promised hubby that I'll only pop in for a minute and that I'll catch up with him and the kids. But about half hour later he came in to see what I was up to just as I was paying for my purchases. Now you can't expect a bead addict to just pop into a bead shop for just a minute, can you? I bought some lovely bits and the most gorgeous turquoise beads ever. I really can't wait to get stuck in even though I still have no idea what to make with them. I'm thinking a bracelet, but then I'm always thinking bracelets.

    Mevagissey Harbour
    Now we're back home, it's back to work and reality and time is dissappearing again. But I have been busy finishing off my latest commissions and I'm trying to make as much stock as possible in preparation for Christmas.

    I bought a new camera which arrived yesterday and when the sun decides to stay out for more than 5 minutes, I'll start taking photos of all the new bits I've made and I think I might even take more photos of my stock already listed. As I hope the quality of photos I'll take with my new camera will be much better.
    So there you have it. I'll probably be spending the next week or so updating my website and DaWanda shop with new items so watch this space.