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  • Back from London

    So we're back. I haven't been to the beautiful city for so long. I love to visit. I miss living in the garden of England sometimes, only sometimes, Kent is such a short journey from London, it was nothing to hop on a train and go to london for the day. but living here in Gloucestershire is so far, that it is now a 'treat' to go.

    anyway, i love london, i love to go visit, to soak up its beauty, beautiful people, beautiful places, fun and exciting days. i really couldn't live there tho, i often think how great it would be to move there, great job opportunities, amazing places, never a dull day if you wish, blend in to the background, stand out, whatever you chose, ahh, the city life! but when i go there i'm quickly reminded why i love to visit but couldn't live there. it's so so massive, it's so so busy, it's too much for me, life is in the fast lane and i like to chill, be busy only if i choose to be. delayed trains, packed underground, no hi ya's, no thankyou's.

    the trip; we stayed in a lovely hotel, in earls court, it was perfect for us.

    I love the style of the london road name posts

    We did the touristy thing. My son wanted to go to the natural history museum which is so massive. we had such a cool afternoon. the entrance had this amazing architecture above it, well the whole building is awesome

    I took a tonne of pics, but i think this one of a metal earth is my fav, it was massive and had illuminous colours bouncing off of it. i have a bit of a thing for the earth and space. space, stars, planets everything that is up there just blows my imagination to the incomprehensible

    We went to The Tate on friday. I love this place! it so gets you feeling creative. to be in a place with so many works of artists who i have been inspired by is awesome.

    this is the tate from millenium bridge, the bridge doesn't 'wobble' anymore ;o)

    we also went to london zoo on friday too, omg! we walked so much around that zoo, we were all so glad to get back to the hotel! but it was a great day. they have a butterfly enclosure that you can walk through. i loved it, it was so hot, humid and awesome, you could get so close to the butterflies, it was amazing!

    oh, and we know where Dr.who went, Earls Court station - at least the Tardis was outside the station, we presume the doctor was inside...or fighting cybermen somewhere...

    we hope to go back again soon, we had such a fab time. so so much more to see....

    for now



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    Sounds like you made the best of every minute!!! I love your little story and photos!!!!! Your lovely little boy looks so proud to be stood near the Tardis!!!! Sue xx


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      That sounds like a lovely memory to salt away and fetch out on rainy days.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        Nostaligia time for me - born and bred Londoner - spent over forty years there. It was such a great place to grow up and mis-spend my youth!! Can't beat it for it's culture, nightlife and sheer vibrancy. Would I go back? No way, I prefer the quieter life of Leamingtin Spa these days.


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          Thanks for sharing the pictures they were superb and yes I remember when the bridge "wobbled" it frightened the life out of me!!
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            Ahh, your pics are fab.I was thinking of going to London tomorrow, then I talked myself out of it, now youve made me want to go again!


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