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  • Envelopes!

    Well I've been busy getting on with some more bubble envelopes - they are quick and simple to make and pile up quickly so it's a satisfying thing to make. I'm envisaging a whole lot more soon but I need to go to Asda to get more bubble wrap first

    First up some huge envelopes made from an old atlas I bought from the Post Office (our local postmaster sells books for the local hospice and so far he has raised about £16,000) so I try and support him when I can - and at 50p or £1 a book he is a lot cheaper than the charity shops!

    And then some made from old Usborne books - I loved the illustrations as a child and I still find them fascinating. These are made from The Word Book - Inspector Noun, Adjective etc etc are out looking for criminals.

    And this last shot is to show you that they really are lined with bubblewrap!

    These are all for me to use for my craft sales and I'm still thinking about whether to sell them or not - I do have plenty of book pages to be getting on with!

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