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A week off, my first of the year!

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  • A week off, my first of the year!

    Ah, at last i'm on annual leave! a whole week to spend time with my little family. this is very weird for me, times are a changing, we would usually have had a couple of weeks away by now and a few weekend getaways dotted about too, but not this year. we decided to 'save' this year because we really want to go skiing next february. i have never been, my man use to go really quite alot before our life together and my son just wants to play in the snow!

    so, annual leave, i need this week off. my mind, body and soul are screaming at me to chill out! walk along the canal, play in the garden, watch the olympics, play dinosaurs, take my son to karate, drink wine in the garden. i love rest. i love my time. it's so precious.

    i have started a couple of new paintings, one is very, very different to my usual stuff, so it's kinda scary putting that out for the world to see. the other is similar to previous work, just an expansion, a different path. when they're 'finished' i'll post them!

    for now



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    Enjoy your week, hope the weather improves for you
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