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Oh my goodness!

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  • Oh my goodness!

    Do you realise how tricky it is finding uniform (particularly P.E. kit) for small children is in Burnley??? Remind me next year to go to Sainsbury's at the start - great selection in all sizes, fantastic staff and a very friendly and helpful woman at customer service who helped me when the stuff didn't come up at 3 for 2 at the till.

    Oh and on a side note - my children are going to get me into trouble one of these days. Anya remarks as a man pulls into the parent and child space, incidently in a VERY loud voice 'Look Mummy, that man doesn't have any children. Why is he parking in a child space when he doesn't have a child with him? That man over there in the smart purple shirt and tie' Guess I shouldn't mutter to myself as much!

    I'll be back later with some more gift tags

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    Must admit my son also tends to say out loud things that I mutter, especially when we are in town!! I'll have to learn to stop muttering..
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      I disagree. keep on muttering, cos one day one of those people may just get back in their car and leave the space for one of us !!!
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