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    Now it wasn't all relaxing, swimming, sunbathing and bargain hunting while we were away - I did actually do some work too. I finished off 50 business cards I had sewn here but needed the ends tying off and snipping (although I forgot my pinking shears so the snipping was only done tonight!) However I am pleased to have a large stock of them ready although I will continue making several a week to keep the numbers up

    I also came up with an idea to use up lots of my buttons in one go - large button brooches.

    Now these babies are quite big for a brooch (8cm or 3 1/2in) and are a lot bigger than some of my other brooches. I have listed all 6 tonight but in 3 different places Etsy, Dawanda and in my new Folksy shop. I opened up the Folksy shop before we went away on holiday but I didn't get chance to put anything in it. I will be slowly making more things for it so keep checking back

    I also made a new type of gift tag (hoping to get photo's tonight and some listed tomorrow) and had ideas for several other things which are all inside my trusty ideas book. When I'll get time to make any of these things is another thing! I'll be back tomorrow with some of the tags hopefully.

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