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little announcement about a brand new sewing magazine...!

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  • little announcement about a brand new sewing magazine...!


    first issue is out in october

    am really pleased to see a fresh fabric/embroidery/sewing based publication coming out, for ages there have been so many papercraft mags around and not much else.
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    eek!, should i have put this in the 'mags' section?
    lucykate crafts... blog

    lucykate crafts... on etsy


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      Ooooo! I'm all excited now. I love craft magazines, especially sewing ones...counting the days till October!
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        Yes new magazines are always exciting! and you're quite right that there are not that many on offer - and SO expensive!!

        Mind you, I'm usesless with sewing! Funny how you can be good at one craft and not another isn't it?

        Talking of which, I saw your blog post about trying to make your own buttons out of ploymer clay - when it's hot it can be harder to shape, youre right. If it's FIMO you're using, you can get soft FIMO which is easier to use just straight away but doesn't hold it's shape so well or the original FIMO might be better - you have to sort of knead it between your hands a bit before you use it but it does hold it's shape better.

        Failing that, you could always buy some off me - I'd make some for you no worries!

        Good luck with it anyway!

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        Diamond Ideas is also on facebook!

        Go on, add some sparkle to your project!


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          Thankyou for the info. I have just tried to order a copy but apparently my Paypal account has been closed due to disuse (Last of the big spenders) and I can't get a reply on the phone but I will keep trying.
          God helps them that help themselves.


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            congrats LK! though I can't sew i will definitly have to snaffle a magazine up when they come out in October. well done!
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              Brilliant news at last another sewing magazine. In fact thinking about it the only dedicted sewing magazine I know of is Sewing World. Which just reminds me my sub ran out this month, must renew. Off to have a peek at your site
              UPDATED 11th November



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                Wow - This is great news well done LK. xx
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