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  • Hola :)

    Hola everyone,

    Yes I think I am going insane. Most probably through the lack of sleep. I am soooooo tired but I can't sleep. Totally drained as my OH is working away again and Pickles and Her Royal Highness have been running rings around me for days, scowl. I can't wait for my OH to get back tomorrow then it's nappies all weekend for him I'm afraid, oh and watering the greenhouse because I won't go in there because there is a huggggggge spider in there the size of a dinner plate. OK, OK I may be exaggerating there a little. But it's ruddy big and it scares me so I'm going no where near it. Oh and he has to help finish the workshop and mow the lawns (I usually love doing this but the hayfever is really bad at moment, achoo, see I told you, cheesy grin) I am sure I will also think of more things to add to that list b4 his return tomorrow. Oh I am wicked I know but I don't care, ha ha ha ha! I am going to try and have a rest.

    Completely off subject but I am sooooooooooooooo excited off to pick my dressmaking dummy form and knitting machine up tomorrow and I am going to my first ever crop for a WHOLE day. Wow an entire day of crafting without being mithered or moaned at, pure bliss. Going to attempt my first ever scrapbook page. I've been collecting the stuff for years I get it out occasionally to stroke and then put it back again. It's too pretty to use LOL

    Seven of my stamps are up for either sale or pre-sale release. In case you didn't already know (an even bigger cheesy grin) oh and did I also mention that if you scroll down you can take a peeksy at them. Oh and did I also tell you that you can buy them from here. . Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm don't think I did. Ok, I'll save your ickle fingers from scrolling down to check you will find them here. See how kind I am to you (hugggggggge spider dinner plate sized cheesy grin)

    At the moment there are seven on;
    Rock Star Chuckles,
    Coming Ready Or Not (Chuckles n Giggles playing hide and seek),
    Chuckles banana tree,
    Tarquin the tree frog,
    Chuckles Lazy Day,
    Boozy Chuckles.

    With more going on next week. Currently designing some Christmas stamps amongst others. Can't get used to Christmas in July at all. Had a couple of glasses of rose at the weekend to try and get myself into the Christmas spirit. It partially worked. A good excuse to have a few more this weekend, wink. There are piccies of all of the current designs below, a couple of post down. Can't remember whether I've mentioned it or not (innocent angelic look) n you can buy them here.

    Better sign off now. Just noticed it's gone 2am. I just can't sleep when my OH is away. I have been up since six too.

    Nighty night, don't let the bed bugs bite Oh and b4 I go please check out my stamps here.

    The land of nod beckons.

    Cheers ears

    PS Think I may have 4gotten to mention that you can scroll down a couple of posts and take a peeksy at some of my stamps.

    PPS Knew I'd 4gotten something. The link to Spiral Whisper, coincidentally where you can buy my stamps from is here.

    PPPS Only kidding, of to bed. I hope I don't have any more freaky dreams again, nighty, night

    UPDATED 11th November