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The Masked Girl with Butterflies

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  • The Masked Girl with Butterflies

    the masked girl with butterflies
    This is my latest illustration that I'm working on, although not complete she is coming together nicely and has a certian twinkle of mischief in her eye. I drew her on Saturday while picinicing at Rowsley Park around the corner from Caudwell's Mill while H ran around hyped up on fairy cakes and watermelon. It was the first time I had properly dragged my sketch book out in somewhere close to forever and I felt so perfectly happy and at peace, the smell of warm grass, and freshly sharpened pencils mingling on a bright sunny day.
    Later that same evening M and I watched the most beautiful, quirky and sweet movie King of California. The movie stars Michael Douglas and Evan Rachel Wood, in an unconventional father daughter relationship . It was very funny, sad, and lovely story of slightly broken people, and fufilling dreams. M and I both agree that its a little gem of a movie right up there with house favourites Empire Records, Amelie, and Waitress as one of our favourite quirky movies.
    Sunday was spent at Frizbe's house sitting watching the children play, argue, and splash each other in the paddling pool, enjoying that rare and elusive creature known as English Summertime. H had a blast but was thoroughly shattered and ready for his bed by the time we dragged him home again. I think he would have stayed and played all night if given half the chance.
    update: there are a few days left to sign up for the Fairy Tale Swap!

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