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  • Russian Doll Swap

    As part of Katy's Russian Doll I painted this Russian Doll. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the key chain that I sent along with it, made from yellow opal. The swap was sent to Anna and it arrived a few days ago, she says she is very happy with it and it brightened her day. I was so worried about the swap and getting this painting just right, I must have sketched and re-sketched it a dozen times to get all the elements of the piece just right. I love my painted pages, though M thinks I'm a bit odd to be so obsessed with tearing apart mouldy old books to fuel my crafting needs. I'm happy and the books are now loved in a new form. No worries on finishing and sending out my swap goodies Anna, have fun and I look forward to seeing what you have made when it arrives.

    I'm hoping in the next few weeks that aside from moving house, I hope to move my crafting forward to the next stage. I'm hoping that you my readers can help me think of what I should be doing next. I'm trying to save up for a goco printer, or a button making machine, but I want to know what you think. Is my art just mine? do you care? what do you want to see me make of my illustrations? would you or your child wear a pirate owl t-shirt? or like some sorrowing tree printed fabric? (I'm working on that at the moment with spoonflower) please help me make something more of me.

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