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  • i'm in love..

    yes, it is really true, today i feel very much in love with alot of things.

    i love my son, with all my heart and with all my soul, i love him from the beginning to the end, from the closest point to the furthest. i love my man, he never fails to make me laugh, to make me smile, to make me feel like it will all be good, even when times are tough. i love how he loves our son so much. i love that we all have alot of love for each other.

    i love my beautiful friends. who are honest, simple and pure. who are so full of love.

    i love that we can smile and laugh, i love that we can receive happiness, i love that we can give it, i love that we can see happiness in the most smallest and random of places.

    i love the world, even when it looks grim and full of emptiness. its not, break away the surface and there is always, always something good to be found. always.

    i love that the sun sets, that the day ends, so that we can start a fresh the next, make it better, happier, calmer or whatever we need it to be for us.

    i just love everything today. i love that today i love everything.

    yes, this is how i feel today. the place i'm in. it truly is a beautiful place to be.



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