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Yay, pre-release of some of my stamps available from today :)

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  • Yay, pre-release of some of my stamps available from today :)

    Sorry I haven't updated in a while, been run off my feet as usual and yesterday was Pickles birthday. He is now the grand ole age of two LOL. Ahhhhh where does the time go. It only seems like yesterday that our midwife was telling me I couldn't have an epidural as my baby was not ready to come out even though I was insisting it was and she carried on reading her magazine. Until another midwife happened to come in looked at me and said get her on her back now the baby’s heads coming, stupid woman!!!

    Good news (cheesy grin) Just checked and some of my Chuckle Monkey and his doting girlfriend Giggle Monkey stamps have been added to the Spiral Whisper website you can check them out here. You can pre-order them now (another cheesy grin) There are many more to go on I'll keep you updated as to when they go on At the moment there is Chuckles banana tree, Boozy Chuckles, Chuckles Lazy Day and Giggle Monkey to choose from. Giggles is also to be featured with other Chuckle Monkey stamps soon

    Lots of tidying to do from Pickles birthday party yesterday and more washing yawn. Then hopefully I'll be back on later to upload some of my stamp card examples So please call by again soon (an even bigger grin than b4)

    I hope that everybody is well and has a lovely day and (hugs) to those who aren't or can't

    Cheers ears

    UPDATED 11th November