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Burnt Coconut and Other Follies

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  • Burnt Coconut and Other Follies

    Little White House II
    This is the second little white house I have painted. The first one went to live with Annie of Overmilkwood fame, as a gift for being so sweet, and for being my biggest jewellery customer. Thanks Annie!
    Sigmund the squirrel
    I didn't like Sigmund when I first painted him, but somehow he seems to have grown on me.

    the masked woman
    I'm not sure about the masked woman yet, she just doesn't match the sketch I did which I prefer, perhaps she was just meant to be the sketch, to be in ink and pencil without any fussy bit of acrylic paint.

    I know its a horrible horrible picture, don't look at it too long or you may cry, but this is the first mail label design I have come up with that I really like. I may go back to the drawing board though if the quality of this image is anything to go by. Before I ask M to scan it for me.
    I bet you are wondering about the burnt coconut bit in my title? maybe just a little.. we I managed to almost burn a batch of coconut cookies. rescused them just in time, before they became burn to a crisp. Its how today seems to be going, nothing over the top bad, just a teensy bit off.
    its your last chance to leave a comment on my illustration giveaway, I will draw the lucky winner in the morning, I would say bright and early, but the only one that is bright and early in the morning here is H, I need several cups of coffee before I'm even halfway human.

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