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The Trouble with Earrings

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  • The Trouble with Earrings

    purple seed bead and sterling hoops
    can you guess what I have been up to this morning? Aside from drinking copious amounts of caffeinated liquids, i.e. coffee, and quite large quantities of the stuff. I have been fighting with seed beads, to create some purple hoop earrings for my next door neighbour. I hope she likes them because I'm pretty happy with house they have turned out so far, especially the ones with the faceted purple jade beads. Sadly I will not be keeping any as I don't have pierced ears, what my neighbour doesn't want will be going in my etsy shop on Friday.

    purple jade beads and sterling silver hoop earrings
    Next on the crafting front I'm going to design some labels for posting as M has made the mistake of telling me he has a pack of blank sticky label paper for printing. I'm pretty sure that's not its official name but its what I'm calling it.
    update: I'm going to let the giveaway run till Friday and see if I get any more comments before I do the big draw. Thank you so much everyone that has left a comment so far, its been really lovely to read your comments and cheered me up on yet another dismal grey day.

    purple seed beads hoop earrings

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