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    Holywell bay
    Originally uploaded by kitty.eden
    ...what gives me goosebumps.
    Holywell Bay.
    Those two rocks.
    That blue sea.
    The crashing surf.
    I can almost taste the spray.
    Seeing somewhere that I know and love so well in amongst someone else's Flickr pix is really weird. I know that Sara (whose picture it is that I've pinched) is a Cornwall addict so I shouldn't really be surprised, but Holywell Bay is one of those places that I never expect anyone else to know about. When we were kids nobody had ever heard of it. I suppose pre-M5 Cornwall was a lot more inaccessible so not as many people went.
    I've been going there since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. We had a few years break - trying other parts of Cornwall and foreign holidays, but when kiddie arrived we went back and have done pretty frequently since. Not going to Cornwall feels like I've not been on holiday - even if we've actually been somewhere hot and exotic.
    And now I shall return.
    Last year was a "no-Cornwall" year so I'm itching for August to arrive. Seeing Sara's (kitty.eden) photo truly did give me goosepimples so I just had to 'borrow' her photo for my contribution to this week's 'This is...'.
    Thanks Sara xx.

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    Beautiful shot if i do say so myself and your so right with the goosebump thing !!
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