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Childhood memories.....

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  • Childhood memories.....

    I often come across precious moments, objects, songs, that will instantaneously take me back to a time when i was a little girl. these precious 'things' make me smile. make me feel silly & warm inside. this is one of those 'things'

    i love daises. i was like most other little girls. i would pick them with the intent of making a little daisy bracelet, necklace or tiara. the sweet bliss of childhood innocence & happiness. how i sometimes wish that i could be that little girl again. looking at the clouds & making animals out of their shapes. not worrying about tomorrow but just loving today. making all those fond memories over & over again. but then i remember that it's my turn now to give those moments to my child. so he can become lost in those childhood memories when he's all grown up too. so when a day is a little too stressful, a little too sad, a little too tough, he can look back, remember & smile


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    I agree, when we get older we don't remember whether the house was tidy or what colour the curtains were but we remember all the fun times we had.

    I used to spend all my summer holidays in the fields and lanes near us, picking flowers, making dens, fishing with a jam jar, finding pretty pebbles and climbing trees. I was very lucky to move to our own farm when my 2 boys were small so they were able to do the same but in the safety of our own fields and stream.