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  • This is...... most treasured childhood possession. Pink Ted! He was (sorry that should be is) a much loved teddy bear and now my girls like him too - in fact Tara was carrying him around today giving him drinks as he was her 'pink baby'. Pink Ted has had quite an adventurous life - he came on the log flume with me at Blackpool Pleasure Beach when I was about 4 - he liked it more than I did!

    And even though he is pink you can definitely tell he is a boy - well I think so anyway!

    Thanks to Three Buttons for the 'This is' idea and to Teacups on Treetops for the theme.

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    Cripes Swirly - I wonder if we have led parallel lives at some point - I have a 'pink ted' exactly the same (minus an eye though), and on your other thread you have the retro book my Mum had when I was a kid - how spooky is that

    I also think that I recognise you from your pic on the 'what do you look like' thread, and notice that you actually come from the same area as my Mum's family.

    Ohh I'm getting all spooked out now. Say hello to your pink ted though will you, from his one eyed bro

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      I have a 'blue ted' just like that. (my dad was convinced i was going to be a boy) He went everywhere with me and both my kids had him too

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