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Arggghhh was supposed to be going strawberry picking

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  • Arggghhh was supposed to be going strawberry picking

    Firstly I have been awarded these three lovely awards by the fab Emma from Elf Creations. For being nutter of the week. Thanks Emma, ermmmmmmmmm I think LOL. I shall pop back on later to nominate three people to pass this award onto to and the ones I recieved the other day. As this is just a quickie post

    Well Pickles started screaming about the curtain monster again! at 4 o'clock this morning and then 5.30 and then 6.30. I sandwiched my head between four pillows in an attempt for the noise not to wake me up. As I am one of those people that no matter how tired I am if I am awoken from slumber land I just can't can't back to sleep. My OH was working away last week, so I decided it was his turn and gave him a swift kick each and every time Pickles started yelling.

    Just popped downstairs to make a cup of cha and ended up on here. My OH and the kids are watching the Disney channel in bed as we now have free weekends until September. Hurray as my DD's stage school classes have finished now for the summer. Argggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh though something always has to ruin things when I try to be organised. We were supposed to be going strawberry, raspberry, gooseberry, currant etc etc picking I think you get the picture. At our local fruit farm today. Not blinkin likely now it's chucking it down. I wish people would cut down on their blinkin carbon emissions so that this awful global warming that's taking place can have chance to recover somewhat. It was roasting beyond belief here yesterday and now look at the weather. Last week it chucked down one morning with bits of hailstone and then all of a sudden stopped and the next second it's was too hot to sit out in. Oh don't get me started on this subject I'll be here forever.

    So I don't know what we'll be doing today now. We did load of tip runs yesterday getting rid of rubbish at the bottom end of the garden so that we can pull the old shed down and build a new workshop there and build a playhose for pickles birthday. It's such a disgrace down there. Luckily we can't see it from the house as the garden is spit into two halves. The bottom garden has the greenhouse, shed n veggie patch on it. Talking of the veggie patch I have been munching away on the most delicious mange tout now from there from over a week. With food prices being what they are I think I am going to grow much more next year. Regretting giving my allotment up now (sulks) At least it's had chance to grow as we haven't seen chicken pie and his hoppos for a while. There is a dirty great big spade waiting just in case we do though, only joking, only joking honest. Move away from the phone no need to call the RSPCA honest (blush, ****pers off)

    So what to do today then. Well I won't get away with sitting in my craft room all day I'll get moaned at (rolls eyes) So with it raining I think it'll probably have to be the Albert Dock in Liverpool or the Trafford Centre in Manchester then. As my DD still needs shoes, jewellery, bag etc for her prom. Picking her prom dress up today as it has been at the tailoresses being taken in. Then some cardmaking samples I think and some more drawing and hopefully some sewing tonight.

    Oh know I have done it again and rambled on and on. Anyhoo a bowl of porridge and spenda beckons me now. So I'm offski, later

    Cheers ears

    UPDATED 11th November