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    I finally got to watch Amelie all the way through last night. Hooray!! I've only ever seen snippets before and, coming to the film halfway through it makes no sense at all... Mor than anything I love Audrey Tatou's hair. I went and had mine cut in the week 'cause it was driving me mad. My bob is now inverted!!

    It cost me the grand sum of... NOTHING! Tamworth and Lichfield College have a beauty salon that Joe and Joanna Public can go to for all manner of pampering and many things there is no charge for. How cool is that?! A cut and blow dry for nowt!! But now I've had it done I wish I'd stuck to my guns and had the much shorter bob that I had planned for in the first place. I even had photos off the 'net to show the stylist, but then at the last minute I changed my mind. Doh!!!
    And now, how can I go back there and get it redone? The girl who did it will think I don't like it and she was so pleased with her work. Her tutors were keeping an eye on her but they were all raving about it to. The only option is to go somewhere else and pay for it. Grrr!

    So today is yet another hectic one. It is Lichfield Medieval Market today. Part of Lichfield International Festival, they have stall all round the cathedral close selling homemade goodies, crafts, plants, food, bric-a-brac, books, you name it. There is also scrummy food and drink - pig roast and so on. And for entertainment there are several teams of Morris/folk dancers and Evie and her Irish dancing chums are amongst them; dancing in front of the cathedral. The only nuisance is that at the time she has to meet everyone, I need to be at my next belly dancing exam! Sorry daddy! You're going to have to miss yet another week of golf and do some parental duties!
    Sorry the belly dancing picture is a bit duff quality - I swiped it from our group's website and it was only titchy. I'm actually a bit nervous this time. Well I do have standards to uphold. Last time BDB and I won the Special Award for getting top marks. No pressure!
    Still on the belly dancing front, I can now announce that on Saturday 25th October we will be putting on a professional show, and tickets have gone on sale. It's going to be amazing. We can all get up on stage and make a show of ourselves in fabby costumes. Unfortunately Maria is panicking like mad already, worried that she won't sell enough tickets to cover costs. Pah! She doesn't know the selling job that BDB has begun already. ) If you are local and would by any chance like to come and see us perform then click on this link to get more details. It should be a really great night - not just sitting watching a load of women dancing, you can get more involved if you like... )
    So it seems that my mild insanity is definitely genetic... I received yet more parcels in the post yesterday. I'm getting seriously embarrassed to blog any more to be hontest. I'm just glad I'm doing a giveaway to "share the love". Sorry - I digress. One of the packages contained a letter from my sister (who doesn't think she has a creative bone in her body). She explained that she wanted to join in with a craft swap and, as luck would have it in Brixham she had been to a "woodworking class specially for people who love charity shops". At this 'workshop' she had created something that would enable her to participate in the Russian Doll Swap...

    How cute are they? And "what an incredible coincidence that such a spe******ed class should be running in her town". OK if you haven't sussed it (as if), she didn't make them at all. She found them on one of her charity shop visits. In that respect she is perfectly sane - she is as addicted to bargain-hunting as the rest of us ) They are so sweet and it's hard to show just how tiny they are. This is the smallest one sitting on a standard computer keyboard. I couldn't quite believe that there were 5 of them. Each time I opened one I thought that had to be the last 'cause they were getting so tiny.

    The note did stipulate one thing - 'not to be stolen by nieces', so kiddie can keep her sticky mitts off. Of course, being part of a swap she is expecting something back, and even went so far as to ask for a nautical-themed Silly Girl to sit with her other doll, Brixham Belle. The cheek of her!! She'll just have to wait and see what she gets...
    My second parcel yesterday was my giveaway goodies from Sian at Diary of a Tinyholder. As soon as I started to unwrap the package I could smell lavender. And once inside I found...

    ...a handmade bag with a heart applique, a cute teddy (which may possibly be heading kiddie's way), a distressed frame with a vintage piccie in it and 2 gorgeous lavender pouches - 1 embroidered fabric and one Cath K. My newly-organised room (well nearly) will smell lovely as well as looking great. You can have some of this goodness yourself from her website Lavender Hearts.
    Thanks so much Sian. I am one very lucky blogger. )

    Right I'd better go and make myself look glamorous and jangly. Have to wake the other up too. Pah! Saturday mornings should be spent in bed.
    ttfn xx

    PS Glad to know that Swirly is OK now.

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