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  • Summer salad

    I've been meaning to post up a picture of my shed for ages. So here it is. And that's my baby girl outside

    All my bits & bobs have now been moved in & I'm pretty much settled. I have electricity but still need some spotlights put up.
    The only downside is the spider that has barricade the entrance and I kept having to break it's web so I could open the door. This has happened a few times and the other day I noticed it's made it's web slightly to one side, so I think it's got the message. I don't mind it being there, as long as it keeps to it's corner.

    It's lovely to work in the evenings as we have woods nearby and I can hear the owls. Although the foxes make a right racket & our neighbour's cat gives me a fright when it jumps up onto the roof. But I've noticed a definite improvement in my work and feel much more inspired when I'm out there working, instead of in the house.

    This is just a fun bracelet I have recently made. I love it as it's perfect for summer & very funky.