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It's Funky Too - some creations!

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  • It's Funky Too - some creations!

    I made these over the weekend from It's Funky Too cd. This is the second cd Anice produced and it was really nice to go back and rediscover old friends!

    The first card is my favourite. Not colours I usually go for but the paper just screamed at me to be used! It is first printed onto card which is cut slightly smaller than the actual card and then the same printed on vellum laid over the top - that's why it looks slightly out of focus. It's all attached with 4 little eyelets (see - I'm using it!) and lemon ribbon threaded through and tied on the spine (I've made little slits in the spine so the ribbon will go through). Bling added to the centres of the larger flowers.

    Now, I'm not too sure about this next one. It lacks something, but I don't know what. The edges of the card has been dotted with a silver gel pen. Two ribbons used around the centre - a lovely organza piece which matched the main colour perfectly, and a darker maroon satin ribbon to set it off. I made the wire swirly thing. And nearly punched holes in my thumbs in the process. My intentions with the card was to produce something simple that even the least experienced card maker could replicate.

    I've used the football paper before, but not got photographic evidence! The keyring is from a party bag that one of the boys got a while ago. And I thought the keyring would come in for something one day! It is attached to the card via lovely satin blue ribbon through an eyelet (although you can't see it). Silver letters cut with my new Sizzlitts Round-a-Bout alphabet.
    I've got some more ideas swishing around in my head for more examples, but got a few orders to complete this week, so it may be next week before I share anything!


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    I just LOVE the greeny one. Gorgeous. Can I suggest ( not that I know anything!) that you thread some pearls onto the wire on the second card????? Just my 'umble opinion your worship!!!!!! I like the footy one, I keep all sorts of mad bits and pieces too and they always come in hands!!!! I was in my neighbours yesterday and I pounced on a lovely pink bow off a box that she threw at the bin and missed!!!!


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      I was thinking beads myself..........think I may have some maroon ones somewhere.......!!!