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  • "Where do I begin... da da da da da da da da da da da da..."

    I have soooo much to write about that I think the only way to do it is to do several posts, otherwise you'll all be bored to death. So first things first - many people have been asking if I've blogged about the party yet so here it is.

    In case you didn't know this little sweetheart was 40 on Saturday.

    Aaah! Who'd have though that he would end up looking like this (he's the one on the left btw).

    After much deliberation (and persuasion NOT to be Max Headroom from me), he decided to be Robert Smith from The Cure. He had quite a distinctive look but it's easily achieved, as long as you have hair! Sadly OH doesn't have an awful lot so it had to be a wig. I bought a rock star shaggy permed mullet style thing from Asda for £4.50. He put it on upside down so the longer stuff was on top of his head, then I backcombed and hacked it into submission. It looked pretty good in the end. Most people knew who he was meant to be anyway.

    I was one of 4 - yes 4!!- Madonnas. That's me on the right below.

    As ever we ran out of time so I couldn't make my hair curly like I wanted to but more hairspray and backcombing seemed to do the trick. Oh and a rag tied round it of course.
    There were so many other amazing costumes but I think the prize (if there had been one) would have gone to Steve from OH's dive club. He came as Maggie Thatcher and he was fantastic! Everyone was gobsmacked, especially those who didn't know him and hadn't seen him in drag before. (What is it with OH and his mates, dressing up as women? There does seem to be a bit of a theme developing here?) Here he is posing with my little sis who was Tina Turner. Outfit very kindly loaned by a mate of hers who does a Tina Turner impersoantion act in the hotels around Torbay. Nice wig luv, oh sorry - it's your real hair! hahaha

    Then we had The Hoff, complete with Hoff pants (which are still lurking around our house somewhere) and his mum who was Princess Di. The outfit she wore was a genuine 1981 ensemble bought for a wedding in that year. It was in amazing condition and apparently Lesley(Diana) had a choice of outfit from several different years in the 80s that she has kept. Yes! People really did wear these clothes. )
    The Blues Brothers - Jake and Elwood - turned up, trying not to look too much like Ali and Tony of the previous 40th fancy dress. Remember the Spice Girls/Village People one where the police turned up? (Hi Tony as you'll no doubt be reading this at some point.) These fab people loaned us their marquee to put up in the garden and it just fitted. Thanks guys xx.
    In the picture with Ali is Brian May from Queen , aka Neil BDB's husband.

    And here's the slightly intoxicated woman herself as Siouxsie Sioux. Hope your knees are alright now and the bruising has gone down. ;o)
    There are many more photos on Facebook apparently. I'm going to pop over there and take a lookie. I may post more here later.
    It was a really good night in the end. OH was v chuffed and had a whale of a time, and that was the main point of the exercise so - success!!! I just have to start planning mine now. It's not long 'til September 2009!! hehehe
    Oh one thing before I go...
    Yay!!!!!!! Go Andy!!!!!!
    What a match?! It was sooooo exciting. OH was round at T&A's returning the marquee and they think they heard me cheering and shouting from their house in the next road. I was a bit excited ). How will he fair in the next one I wonder? I've got everything crossed.
    Oh one more thing... I never put an draw date on my giveaway. You can leave comments up until this weekend. I'll make the draw and announce the winner on Sunday evening.
    Right I'm really going now. Will post again either later today or tomorrow and show you the fantabulous goodies I've received in the post over the last few days.
    ttfn xx
    PS The title was supposed to be the theme from "Love Story" but I couldn't remember any more of the words. Click on the link to hear it. Sorry a bit of a blast from the past. I used to secretly love Andy Williams - not cool when you're a Goth!!!
    OK. I'm gone.

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