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    OK. So I've whinged and moaned since the weekend about the state of my room. Well now you can see just how bad things are.

    Come with me into my domain...

    Here we have the now lovely tidy landing with no stuff piled up all along it. And there at the end is the door (and please note that it is closed) to my little cupboard.

    But open that door and this is what lurks behind it...

    Piles of stuff unceremoniously dumped in every little bit of space. My chair is piled high. My table is unreachable. My floor has gone.
    Oh if only the lovely lady on eBay would send me a message to tell me I can come and pick up my bookcase all would be well. Then I could spend tomorrow moving all my books onto it, and after that reorganising all my fabrics, threads, paints, etc, etc, etc, etc..... I'm beginning to wish I'd just gone to Ikea and bought a brand new one. It would've been £30 more but I could be up and running by now. Herumph!

    Here endeth this rant.

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