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  • This is....... best Op shop (charity shop) find ever. So I've actually included 2 because I'm a cheat but you must admit that they are both fab - and both very recent finds too

    This quilt was bought because I decided to pop into my favourite charity shop ever (it's called Only Foals and Horses*) on a whim and it jumped into my arms and was mine for the measly sum of £1.99! I practically danced back to the car

    And of course the buttons are included in my favourite op shop finds ever. Because, well just because!

    As you might have guessed I am back from London but need time to catch up on things and I'm very busy this week so I might not get the blog updated for a couple of days - we'll see though!

    Thanks to Lino Forest for this weeks This is..

    *For people who don't know Only Fools and Horses was a very popular sitcom in the UK. I don't like it but I do like the fact that the owners of a local horse sanctuary have used it as a play on words!

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    This is....

    I've already seen quilt which was a wonderful find but you have exceeded yourself with the buttons. How do you do it. I must walk round with blinkers on. WELL DONE.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      What a stunning quilt - i love green things at the moment (and purple). And what a bargain! That would have been at least a tenner in the charity shops around our way. Maybe I live in the wrong area.

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