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I'm Not Going Home - I Want To Stay

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  • I'm Not Going Home - I Want To Stay

    .... said Samuel as we were leaving school yesterday following his first visit prior to him commencing in September.

    I knew he'd enjoy it, but he was like a dog with two tails - he didn't know what to try or do first! All the tables in the Reception class were laid out with activities and he could do what ever he wanted. The children who currently are in Reception were also there so it was nice to see him playing with other children in their environment. Needless to say, he enjoyed home corner (as it's called at nursery) as it was set up like a castle, complete with dragon and dressing up clothes - so Samuel was a knight and took great delight in 'fighting' with the older girls!!

    He also found time to stick a fish. I was also quite impressed with him as he attempted to write his own name on it (but then scribbled over it).

    I also bought him some school trousers. Despite being pleased with the fact that they state non iron and crease free, I think they may be a bit big for him unless he has a growth spurt between now and September!


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    awww bless him.

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      my oldest daughter after her first day said i been to school now i will stay at home tommorow she soon found out differently and she loved it shes 28 2nd grandchild starts school next september she will only be just over 4 .
      Jan xx


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        That's brilliant, it makes it so much easier for you knowing that he is happy to go to school. My eleven year old hates (resents) every moment spent there. He's doing really well but just sees it as an intrusion on his free time. don't know how we'll get through the next seven years of senior school!


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          I loved virtually every moment of school right through to the end of Sixth Form, although his dad could not wait to leave!!

          Mind you, Samuel is more than ready to start school - he's 5 at the end of his first week so will probably be the eldest! He was actually bigger than some of the kids already at school which surprised me!

          Oh, he tried on the trousers tonight. I think I'll get him a smaller size as they are rather too big!!


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            I miss the days when Icould be so happy about something I nearly burst!
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              Ooh! Doesn't it take you back!!! I remember my first day at school. The Warrington Guardian were there to take a pic because of us being triplets. Every day from that first day I cried my eyes out because I didn't want to leave my mum!!!!! This went on for ages, I remember it well. Tim, my son, was very good and settled in well. It was me that was a wreck wondering if he was allright!!!!!!!!!! Memories!!!!!!!!
              Glad he had a good day, it's good to get him used to it!!!! Little love!!!


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                Awww, bless his little cotton socks.
                My eldest didn't mind going to school until the last couple of years and my youngest hated play school but was fine at junior school and then hated secondary school. He missed school so often in the end that we were told to take him out of school or go to court. So he left 18 months early and had a home tutor.



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                  friend's grand daughter has started nursery this week. Her mum has to put her uniform in wash every night as she won't take it off when she gets home, and gets lunch and dinner on it! She said that a little boy in her class asked her if the plastic dinosaur was its obvious that she's been marked out as "someone in the know". Just lovely that she's enjoying it so much as my youngest had to be forcibly taken in every day by nursery nurse, despite enjoying it once she was there!


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                    He's there again for an hour on Wednesday and I think I may leave him as I can hear The Range calling me...... heheheheh!!! Oh to have a browse in there without kids trying to con me into buying something like scooby do stickers!!