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    "Happy Birthday to meee, And my little blog-eee..." Yup! I've made it to 100 posts. How about that? As promised I am going to do a little giveaway of some goodies I found lying around in my pit, sorry workroom, doing nothing much except getting in the way.

    The bundle includes a book - Kids' Clothes; Sew Easy - which I bought but will realistically never get round to using. There is the latest edition of Let's Knit magazine which has a free booklet of crochet designs and a pack of 3 sizes of wooden crochet hooks. There are 2 vintage Ladybird books - Picture Dictionary and Ned, The Lonely Donkey; also a bag of old mixed buttons, a bag of mixed beads, a bundle of variegated threads including quite a few Caron Collection silks and a skein of Steph Francis cotton, a card of square vintage buttons and a little badge with a smiley sun on it.
    Hope this appeals to somebody out there. To be in with a chance of winning this little haul read to the bottom of this post where I shall set a very mini challenge...

    I received some fabby mail yesterday. Look at these cute things...

    My own "ethel and edna" name labels.. Yay!!! Now I can officially label all my Sillies and everything else I manage to make and sell. They were really cheap and came very quickly. as well as the name my email address appears along the bottom edge.
    Another good thing yesterday - I went to Slimming World and LOST THREE POUNDS!!!!! Yay!!!!! How chuffed am I? I really thought I might have put some weight on as I had a couple of bad days when there was unbirthday cake around and willpower had gone to visit it's auntie by the sea. It was certainly not in evidence when the chocolate cake was around. So any kind of loss was a real bonus, and if I lose 2lbs next week that'll be half a stone and a shiny sticker for my book!! I must try to be good next week.
    Molly, my toadstool swap partner emailed me the other day full of apologies for my toadie being late. She has now put it in the post so hoepfully I should get it before too long. I don't mind the wait at all, i'm just excited to see what I get.
    Here is a piccie of one toadstool that I've not posted before. I decided to play around with scale and size and ended up with this skinny-stemmed thing. It looks a bit like a lollipop. I can definitely see it being made into a softie/plushie, with a little pair of eyes peeping out from under the red cap.
    I really need to get my finger out with regards to the Russian Doll Swap. I've collected several other little goodies to go in my parcel to Emma, but the doll is errr... visiting Willpower's auntie as well. ) I must get stuck in next week. This week jhas been a total non-event as regards to crafting.
    Things have been a bit hectic here, hence the distinct lack of posts. Saturday is OH's 40th Birthday and the fancy dress party is at our house this time. The theme is "Icons of the 80's" but it has been harder than I thought to narrow down the choices. Plus there is a real lack of female singers who had a really original look. Siouxsie would have been an obvious one but BDB quickly snapped up that option. I thought about Cyndi Lauper but wasn't sure. Annie Lennox would've been great but you can't get wigs that short, and it's taken me so long to grow my hair I couldn't face chopping it all off and bleaching it, (tho' it's been done several times before). Time is fast running out so I've finally decided on Madge. I wish I'd chosen earlier 'cause I really fancied making a cone-shaped bra, but I need the pin-striped suit to do the complete look (there's no way I am running around in just a corselette and tights!!!), but can't find one. So now it's the early, Lucky Star period with layers of torn clothing, and bracelets and necklaces piled on. I'm going to try it all on in a bit to see what it looks like.
    So the giveaway challenge... All I want to know is which character from the 80s you would be if you were coming to our party and why? It doesn't have to be a pop star, it could be an actress, a politician in fact anyone who would be easily recognisable. Can't wait to see you ideas. Good luck.

    Tonight I may not manage to get to belly dancing - boo hiss. I'm going to my second Private View of the week. On Monday it was the turn of the Foundation/Nat Diploma students that I have been teaching. They had an awards ceremony and all their FMPs were on display looking fab.
    Tonight it's the HND show at The Custard Factory in Birmingham. This time last year it was me and ethel running round like headless chickens trying to get everything sorted. This year it's the turn of our chums Maria, Lisa and Kayleigh. I'll take photos and post a few tomorrow to show you how it all looked.

    More...[email protected]/

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    congrats on the 100 post mark! have left you a comment!
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