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The charity shop gods love me!!

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  • The charity shop gods love me!!

    Be warned that this is a picture heavy post!

    First I got the buttons and then on the way back from the sewing machine shop (nothing wrong with it I'm just an idiot!) I spied a parking space outside the Colne Road branch of Pendleside Hospice charity shop. I'd never been in before so I thought I would have a look. Well the woman in there was the rudest woman I have ever met who works in customer service (apart from a lady in Poundland) but the goodies in there were fab!!

    I got this fabulously retro toy making book - I'm going to have fun with this when I get some time!

    I got some cute pink fabric with these small details - it would make great chickens!

    Some needlecraft magazines that date from the early 1950s - there are some lovely items in there and the adverts are great!

    A commemorative scarf from 1977!

    A wonderful apron that is so bright and colourful - more photo's on my Flickr soon.

    Some hooks and eyes (always useful) and a new hanky! I also got lots of linens to practise my embroidery on and some more to use for packaging up items. Oh and some patterns and books to cut up. But the best of all is waiting until last - and I got it at my favourite charity shop, Only Foals and Horses in Burnley (I'm so pleased we called in there on a whim!) This gorgeous quilt was £1.99. Yep only £2 new English pounds.

    It's double the size it looks in the first photograph so it will easily fit onto our bed! And so this is why the charity shop gods are smiling on me this week! Lets hope it continues into the weekend when I will be in London!

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    wow... you are definitly lucky in charity shop finds!.. all I have found recently are some georgeous vintage books from my favourite bookshop which I have blogged about if you are curious or board. My husband says they are too nice to tear up, stain and paint... then one of them fell to pieces in his hands. *LOL*
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      How do you do that?! I took some unwanted toys and clothes into one of my local charity shops this morning and couldn't find a thing worth having. I then visited two more and still zilch. My best finds in the past have been a great Karen Millen dress for £1 and a Dolce & Gabanna jacket for £8.


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        The charity shop gods love me!!

        I can never find those sort of bargains. I often pop in to look for the odd bit of good quality cotton for quilting but usually it is well washed and well worn.
        Have you any idea how much it costs to make that size of quilt - even if some of it is recycled. I can't believe how mych you paid for it. I have just made one for my eldest Grandson - 120" square. I cant reveal the actual cost incase hubby reads this but - three figures.!!!! You are fortunate. It looks in fairly good nick too.

        God helps them that help themselves.


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            wow, you were lucky. I love that quilt

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              I don`t now how you do it!

              Our chaity shops in Lichfield are not brilliant. They are seriously fussy about what they take and also sell items more for what they would be brand new!

              Eg......Primark T shirt £3 in Primark £3.95 in hospice shop!

              Right.....I`m moving house and going up t'North. My folks are from Yorkshire so I think they might have an issue with me moving to Lancashire......War of the Roses thing!!!!!!!!!


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                What fabulous bargains ! No wonder you are so pleased


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                  wow the charity shop gods really were smiling on you.

                  That retro toy book brought back sooo many memories, my mum had that book when I was little and I can remmber looking through it for hours!

                  I love charity shops and can't understand why some people are a bit 'sniffy' about them, I found a brand new £170 Planet suit in our local Hospice shop recently for £10 - needless to say that's now in my wardrobe.

                  They're great for picking up old jewellery with interesting beads / clasps etc. Local charity shops I find are usually better than the 'national chains' as well.

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                    I've got to hand it to you Swirly, you've certainly got a nose for sniffing out bargains.
                    Have you ever thought of becoming a personal shopper?? (In charity shops, I mean) You could have Swirly's shopping list, where people place their requests, togther with a time limit and price limit, then, you look for the items in the charity shops and, if you find them, the charity shop gains a sale, you get to spend money in charity shops and then you sell the stuff to your customers, plus commission!! Everyones a winner!!
                    Gosh, got a bit carried away there.
                    Well done Swirly for more fab finds

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                      I LOVE charity shops

                      I might go charity shopping this afternoon

                      I sometimes have a run of luck and get some bargains, but it's always when I am in a rush, on the way to the dentist last month, with a 5 minute time limit I got: Lands End boiled wool jacket in orange for £5, lovely bias cut skirt £5, big handfull of jewellery to take apart £3, silk scarf 50p.... and other things, but they were the best!

                      I think we shoudl start a thread on the best charity stores in our local area!

                      There are certain areas in Glasgow that are fabulous for bargains, and others that aren't worth the time - for example, the oxfam on byres road in the west end of glasgow is dead expensive but they get all the brand new designer stuff, so it's worth a good rake every now and again

                      ooops, look at me, got a little carried away there!


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                        Well, I took the inspiration from Swirly and went charity shopping:

                        Boots for £5! they are almost brand new, leather, from brazil (via tk maxx, the labels are still on!), plus a necklace and a bracelet, the bracelet looks handmade, I couldn't just leave it there!

                        And....... da, da, da........

                        Not from a charity shop and probably not handmade, but I thought I deserved a treat! It was half price!
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                          Charity shops are fab! You either spot loads of things or nothing at all!


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                            You lucky girl - I am seriously jealous. We don't have those sorts of things in the (not very plentiful) charity shops round here!

                            BTW I have got all of those Needlewoman and Needlecraft magazines and a whole load more (inherited from my Mum). I've also got several volumes of Stitchcraft magazines from the 60s and 70s (this mag replaced N&N).



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                              I just keep going back and rummaging - perseverance! And my mum is fab at charity shop shopping so I inherited it from her! And my dad is a dustbin man so he was always bringing stuff home for us - brand new stuff in some cases - so I have the bug in my genes. And I'm teaching the girls well too!
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