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  • Good morning - not!

    Well it's 5 to 6 in the morning and I have been awake from 5.30 when Tara decided that she wanted to scream the house down. Luckily she has gone to sleep on Matt so hopefully they will get a bit extra sleep - I couldn't get back to sleep though so I'm up writing tomorrows Cuteable posts! Whoooo hooo - I know how to live! Oh and we didn't get to sleep until 12.30 (which is very late for us) as we were doing the accounts and watching a very, very bad British B movie called Psychomania. It was so bad that it was almost good if you know what I mean? Anyway it's Tara's 2nd birthday today although she's not actually 2 until Tuesday so I have Angel Delight to make and millions of sandwiches too!

    And here is the little one fast asleep on me a couple of weeks ago with a very dirty face - bless!

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