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  • We Did It!!!

    We did it! We did it! Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!

    And I say 'we' for a reason. Apart from the 1006 other ladies taking part in the Solstice Walk, there was an extra special person who become my walking partner. See if you can spot her. She has pink hair.

    Here we are warming up before the Big Moment. The aerobics instructor who got us moving was fab. He was grey-haired and looked like he was just another one of the supporters, but then he leapt up onto the scaffolding and started bouncing around. He was great and really got the atmosphere going as well as our heart rates.

    This is it! The moment we set off from the sports centre at the start of our first 5 mile circuit - me and my partner, Evie. Bless her! She wanted to come and wave me off. Then she wanted to walk a bit of the way with me. Then she decided she wanted to do 5 miles!!! Please note her footwear. She must've done nearly 2 miles in her flip flops, then we rang daddy (he thought to pick her up but no,) to bring her trainers and a drink.

    She was real star and only started flagging right at the very end, but then she remembered nanny would be there and couldn't wait to surprise her. At the halfway stage there was refuelling to be had - bananas, cereal bars and a bottle of water - and my mum was there handing the goodies out. She couldn't believe that small kiddie was still with me.

    But I have to confess by then we'd both had enough. Evie was worn out (well it was nearly midnight), and my feet and calves were killing me. Plus the prospect of doing the next 5 miles without my mate was a bit disheartening to say the least. So we called it a night and rang for the chauffeur (OH). We both received a certificate and a yellow gerbera. I don't know if you can read the card but yellow, in the language of flowers, is for friendship and we are now 'firm friends of St Giles Hospice'.

    OK so you may have noticed I didn't wear my wellies in the end. I though that maybe 10 miles in wellies would be pushing it a bit. Visions of blisters upon blisters made me choose boring old trainers instead. But I do have a lovely pair of wellies to show to the llamas later :0) Aren't they fab?! A bargain at £7 from Asda. Good old George!

    And here are my wings. I received many nice comments about them. One lady did say that it looked like I had several crash landings with them 'cause they were patched and a bit raggy. I found the basic tutorial to make them on Threadbanger, using four wire coathangers and two pairs of tights, but then I added more layers of fabric, ribbons, beads embroidery and other sparkly stuff. I have taken more close-ups of individual bits and will put them on Flickr later.

    Just one more thing before I go.
    A huge THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored me.
    That is what the whole event was about - making money to keep this fantastic Hospice running. If you would still like to make a donation then you can still click on my Just Giving button. Its not too late.

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