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  • Llama-tastic!


    Phew! What a weekend! I need another one to recover. As you can see from the pics we had a fab time with the llamas. The children learnt all about the history of the llamas first, including the fact that if they have been reared properly they shouldn't spit at people, only each other!! They were shown how to groom them to get all the knots out. A truly more thankless task than trying to brush kiddie's hair! Sadly they have someone who takes all the hair away to spin so I didn't get any to play with.

    Whilst still at the stables they gave the llamas a bite to eat before taking them on a trek around the grounds.

    After returning them to the yard, Anna took the children to another part of the field and played games with them. A new variantion on Duck, Duck, Goose (Llama, Llama, Poo!), sack race, space hopper race, Llamas and Lions. They had great fun and luckily, despite the clouds, it didn't rain. It was then time for food. Loads of healthy stuff - fruit and veggies - as well as the usual sausage rolls and sarnies, and homemade cakes. They even made an Un-birthday cake with llamas on it.
    Singing "Happy Un-Birthday" was done inside the grown-ups retreat (where tea and coffee were on hand) - a teepee!! How fab is that! I want one in our garden. After a quick loo break the kids then went with Dave to visit the hens and turkeys, which they fed and stroked and collected eggs from. Finally they came back for a last pick at the food and one more game before parents came to collect them.

    As I think I may have said already, this is has been the best party I have ever had for kiddie. Dave and Anna were fantastic! The kids had a whale of a time out in the fresh air, and I have had no stress whatsoever! Absolutely everything was included in the price - invitations, llama trekking, games, food, (scrummy) cake, party bags and a personalised 81/2 year birthday card and present for kiddie. She received her own fluffy llama, which she named Oscar after the one she walked.
    OK. I think I've raved about it enough. All that's left is to add a linkie-poo to their site in case you are interested. Click here to see more pics and other llama fun and games.
    I'm seriously wondering about my 40th next year. A llama party or a half day trek with a picnic? Hmm....

    Oh - one last thing. I think that this is post 99. The next one (or possibly the one after that) is number 100. Giveaway time!! Stay tuned for further details. )

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