So, we had our longest day of the year on Saturday, which seems ironic to me really, because now the days will start to get shorter. But at least we are now officially in summer. Although, it wasn't a particularly summery day here

This is my view from a rainy window....Gloomy. Blurry. Wet.
There are usually birds sat on my garden fence. Maybe even a squirrel. Not today.
Wet. Empty. Vacant

We were stuck in doors. Which I hate. It makes me feel trapped & slightly crazy. I need the outdoors. To feel the warmth of the sun. Feel the cool breeze passing me by. I hope I don't have to wait too long.

Apart from gloomy summer days, my partner did make me smile. He found this in his (empty!) glass of Jack Daniels & coke...

'Jack the dog'

Things like that make me smile. My beautiful little boy once had a strawberry shaped like an elephant. That was pretty cool!

I noticed today how much change my man seems to collect. Lots of it. Really lots

He puts it all in his 'ash tray'. Until it's full. Then my little boy gets it put in his money box (he's doing very well for a 4 yr old!). On occasions my man has come home with almost 20 quid in change!

Other news for the weekend. I have made four sales on my etsy shop. Which I am so pleased about. We, my little family, have booked a holiday to Gran Canaria, I am so excited. I haven't been there before. I must brush up on my Espanol before we go.

I have also finally got around to making some business cards

...many more to do tho' & i'm sure i'm doing it the hard! It seems it's taking me forever, but i'm finding it weirdly therapeutic!