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Oh Happy Day - come on, sing along...

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  • Oh Happy Day - come on, sing along...

    Yay!!! I lost two whole pounds! Woop! Woop! OK so it might not sound like much for a first week BUT it's a loss and that's all that matters. I'm a happy bunny ) I've decided to sponsor myself during my weight loss - £1 for 1lb. SO last night £2 went into the terramundi (so I can't swipe it back out for kiddie's lunch money and so I can't put weight back on, 'cause I cant take the money back out). I'm working on hubbie to see if he'll play too. If I lose as much as I hope to then I could have quite a tidy sum in there by the time I reach target.

    Please just remind me of this when I'm going off the rails, won't you.

    Well we've had confirmation so I can now show you our fab little holiday den. This is Blue Ocean, one of 3 Dilly Dally Chalets. How cute is this?!

    This is the lounge, or drawing room as Terry Wogan told us we must say this morning. I hope the weather's like this when we are there.

    And here is the view across the dunes looking over the bay towards St Ives. I can't wait.

    Well it's Thursday which can only mean one thing - belly dancing. SO I'm afraid you're only getting a quickie post tonight. I need to get food sorted but I hasten to add:
    a) it will be a balanced meal,
    b) I will NOT be wearing my pyjamas,
    c) I will NOT have red nail polish on,
    d) I will be keeping myself dainty and perfumed,

    e) my hair will be combed,

    f) I will try not to open too many cans when I make tea.

    The Housewife Quiz was obviously a big hit but I just think you've all cheated (apart from Liz) to make me look bad to my OH. ) What I want is a Slob Quiz. I'd get 100% on that.

    Oh one last thing... I just noticed that I'm rapidly approaching 100 posts. I think it may be time for a GIVEAWAY!!!! Will get something organised in time for post 100 so watch this space....

    ttfn xx

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