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  • Catch-Up Monday

    Well that seems to be the way this blog goes now, doesn't it? I never seem to get chance to post over the weekend so here's what I did.

    After all the anticipation, the car boot sale on Sunday was a bit of a disappointment to say the least. I bought 1 top for belly dancing and that was it!!

    Quite nice - very bright pink with loads of sequins. Incidentally the one on Wednesday is on the Lichfield to Walsall road just after you drive over the M6 Toll Road. There is also a Thursday car boot sale at Cannock. How spoilt are we?

    Sunday was Father's Day, as you know. Kiddie hates shopping so wanted to make something for daddy instead. In the end it was a collaboration. She designed the cuttlefish (for that's what it is - OH's favourite underwater creature) and I made a pattern. I stitched it and she did all the decoration. I confess to having a bit of a 'paddy' half way through. The head was a nightmare to do and I just couldn't get the eyes to bulge like they should, so I nearly abandoned it. But kiddie got upset so I calmed down an had another go.

    She also made him a card but I'm not sure where it's gone to show you. He liked the cuttlefish very much anyway. Like Baldrick and his turnip, OH now has a new 'special friend' to call his own - bless him.
    Mum had more success on the car boot front over the weekend. She got me this fab rag doll. It says it's from St Lucia on the hat. She is obviously handmade as the stitching is very 'primitive', but cute nonetheless. She's lying on a pile of frilly tops and a 2 year old's party dress which mum got for me to chop up and recycle. Look at that scrummy turquoise one. What a colour!!

    I have actually been a bit productive today. I think I showed you the 3 hand-covered buttons that incywincy Sam sent for kiddie, well I said I would make something to attach them to and here it is. I just happened to have this scrap of furnishing fabric with the right shade of blue in it, and a piece of glazed cotton also in the correct blue. How lucky was that!!

    Here is the wee ladybird perched on a dandelion clock. The blue trim is just a scrap of the blue glazed cotton folded into thirds and top stitched (in a slightly wonky line).

    I put a small pocket inside for her to put 'whatever' into. She was really pleased with it, so much so that she wants to use it for school tomorrow. What a result!!

    I got some gorgeous post today from the fab Miss Frugality because, luckily I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I was pootling through some fave Flickr contacts the other day. Julia (Miss F) had made some fantastic ATCs and was offering them for swapsies. I haven't got any made - yet - but I fell in love with them so asked if I could 'play'. She said 'yes' and here it is...

    It's too nice to just put in a wallet or wherever people normally store ATCs so I've (very quickly and without too much finesse) put it into a box frame. I plan to do this a bit more carefully and stain the wood with a white wash but at least in here it's safe and I can see it. ) Thanks so much Julia, and for the other bits a bobs as well. She included a cute little card and this bag full of beautiful beads and sequins. I can't wait to get playing with some ATCs of my own now, but first I must make some more stuff for the craft fair and I've not forgotten the Russian Doll Swap.

    This coming weekend is going to be frantic ( I know, I know - we've only just had the last one). Saturday is Lichfield Folk Festival and kiddie is doing Irish dancing. There is a parade from the Guild Hall to the Cathedral in the morning and performances throughout the day in front of the cathedral. I just hope the weather holds. Saturday night is the Solstice Walk. I have not done anywhere near enough training for this so it's going to be blisters and aching feet by the end of it. Still, if I can raise some money for the hopsice then it'll be worth the pain. :0) Sunday morning I'm hoping for a bit of a lie-in and in the afternoon we're going to play with llamas. Can't wait for that.
    Tomorrow evening is my first Slimming World weigh-in. Keep everything crosses for me. If I haven't lost any weight I may resort to amputation. One of my legs must weigh quite a bit...

    More...[email protected]/

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    Love the bag Ethel - looks great
    & what a super felty cuttlefish!! Where does OH dive locally?
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      Dosthill Quarry (sounds lovely doesn't it?) in Tamworth. It's actually a really pretty little spot tucked away behind a church.

      He also comes towards your 'neck of the woods' - Stoney Cove at Stoney Stanton.[email protected]/


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        Stoney Cove is just up the road from us too. There must be quite a few crafters here in the middle of the country! Selina