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A trip to the opticians....

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  • A trip to the opticians....

    Ugh, bad news. My eyes have got slightly worse since my last yearly sight test. In fact, they get worse everytime I go for another test!

    So the diagnosis? Well, I have a lazy left eye, which runs through my family & I also have an astigmatism, if that's how it's spelt! Which basically means that my cornea is shaped like a rugby ball instead of a football! I use to only have to wear my glasses for reading, writing, driving and playing on the tommy cooper. Oh, I'll explain the tommy cooper bit! It's a phrase that's stuck in my little family. When my son was younger he couldn't say computer, he called it a cooper, which courtesy of my fella grew into tommy cooper! I love these special phrases, words or nicknames that have a special or humorous meaning between family and close friends. We have lots.

    ...back to my eyes. The optician kindly suggested that perhaps I should wear my new glasses (when they arrive) all the time. I'm not sure if that is going to be possible. So we shall wait and see.

    But really, glasses are so cool now! It took me ages (it always does!) and I do mean ages to find the right pair. I tried different colours, shapes and weights. I went for a really uber trendy pair of deep purpley pink frames. They are so me at the moment. I have a friend who wants to wear glasses becauase they are trendy, even though she has 20/20 vision ;o)

    Who remembers those awful NHS glasses of years passed?! My poor sister had to have a pair when she was little, wow, that must have been about 18 0r 19 years ago (i'm only 24, but that sounds and feels forever ago)! And she had to wear an eye patch. A horrible brown one that must have hurt like crazy when it was taken off. I love my sister.

    Now these are eye patches! The lovely Amy from LucyKate crafts gives this tutorial on how to make beautiful and cute patches. I think my sister would have loved to have worn one of those on her glasses.

    Bye for now



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