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Summer Pud & Summer Hols.

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  • Summer Pud & Summer Hols.

    So the diet's going really well actually. Since switching back to Slimming World I have felt a lot happier. I've done it from memory until I join a class and get all the paperwork but I've erred on the side of caution so hopefully I'll have lost some weight since last week. I'm at that stage of actually enjoying the diet and the picture below shows the pud I made for myself today, which kind of explains why I'm liking it.

    I made this! Me - the Undomesticated Goddess! It's a mini Summer pudding (just in case you can't tell). The frozen summer fruits are free food, 2 slice of Weigh****chers wholemeal bread are a Healthy Extra B and the dollop of white stuff on top is not clotted cream. It's 0% fat Greek yoghurt which is also free food. Now what kind of a diet is that?! A good one at the moment. ) In fact it's bloody miraculous as it's got me cooking and doing housewifey-type things. Aaargh!!

    I have finally sent off my Toadstool swap parcel. It has all been bundled up and is now winging it's way to the 'US and A' (sorry - a bit of Borat creeping in there!). I really hope Molly likes what I've sent. Ii's frustrating that I can't post piccies yet but here is a taster of what she can expect to receive...

    I now need to get the Russian Doll Swap thingie under way. I'm conscious that time is moving on more and more quickly. Before I know it July will be here and the Truly Handmade Craft Fair. I know I've mentioned it before but - hey - I've got to plug my first craft fair, haven't I?

    Speaking of 'firsts', as you've seen I've had my first sale on Incy Wincy Stitches. Yippee!! We - IWS - have also had a massive mention on Cuteable. Thanks so much Lynsey for including us. )

    Previously I mentioned trying to find somewhere to stay in Cornwall in the school hols. Well I have to say a HUGE thank you to Sara at All About Eden for all her emails today. She sent me some really good tip-offs and I've managed to find the most amazing place with the cutest beach-hut type chalets. They are nice and close to St Ives and they just happened to have one cancellation today. As the lady said, it must have been Fate. Spoke to hubbie this afternoon and he's quite happy so I can ring up tomorrow and get it all booked. Yay!!! I'm a very happy bunny. Thanks again Sara.

    This isn't where we're going. It's a picture of Polly Joke - a fab little beach that we used to go to when we were all still at home. I don't think I'd manage down to this beach now as the easiest route is down a path from the cliff top. I don't think my knees would cope! lol

    The 'hubster' is away again at the moment!! He's 'roughing' it in Dublin, on business of course. Yeah yeah! Pull the other one - it's got bells on (not really - I took 'em off after belly dancing class earlier!). He and his designer have been visiting customers trying to drum up some new business but there has been a bit of time for sight-seeing... And they have to eat... He is now a massive fan of Lebanese food. Wonder what delicacies they'll be sampling tonight? It's a bit warm for Irish stew and soda bread but an ice cold Guinness... ahhh now you're talking...

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