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    Yesterday Sally was praising all things English seeing as we are not going to be featuring in Euro 2008. At lunchtime I had a bit of an English thing going on so decided to take a picture. Ham salad sandwiches, strawberries and 'cream' and Earl Grey tea. I popped into Waitrose for a few bits and had this sudden desire for Earl Grey - how weird! Sometimes I just get bored with normal tea and coffee but I don't really like any of the herbal or fruit teas. This stuff is scrummy tho'. And it's all arranged on one of those fab Sarah Smith cleaning cloths. I actually bought two packs of them - these flowery ones and some deck chair stripey ones in red, white and blue. As an added bit of patriotism they are made in Somerset. (btw the 'cream' if fat free yoghurt)

    Sally also has a giveaway competition running at the moment. Be warned - it's really hard (unless you've got the book she's based it on - I wish I had ;o) ).

    I had a fabby bit of post this morning from incy wincy sam. She sent some of her business cards for me to send out with orders for brooches from the website, but she added some little extras to the parcel...

    I believe a certain kiddie will be getting something made for her featuring 3 incy wincy buttons. How cute are they? There are two little printed fabric button and a hand cross-stitched 'E'. You can, of course, buy some of these fabulous buttons and lots of other scrummy stuff from the website - incy wincy stitches. (Yes - that was a blatant plug for the website, just in case you didn't realise lol.)

    My visits to Waitrose seem to occur on the way back from a certain car boot sale. I was not going to go this morning but then I got a phone call from the Car Boot Goddess (mum) to say there was a man seeling fabric very cheaply if I wanted to go and have a look. I think he was selling up a soft furnishing business. The scrap box contained loads of pre-cut, cushion-sized squares and table-cloth-sized circles. All for 20p each or 20 for a £1!!!! He also had fabric on a roll for £1 a metre and rolls of un-pressed biad tape for 50p a roll.

    My fabric stash has now increased in size considerably but at those prices I couldn't say no. The bias binding will come in really handy for my next project. I'll post pictures when I get it finished.

    So I can now reveal the face of the Russian Doll I made.

    The face is copied from her self-portrait doll (a bit). It's supposed to be Katy (I'm A Ginger Monkey). She has now received it so I can show her to you. Katy is quite pleased I think, especially with the collagen implants in her lips!!!

    And finally....

    A big thank you to Jelly Belly Jelly Brain. She has created a new blog award and I am one of the first recipients. I am the proud owner of the "You Make Me Laugh Award"!! How cool is that?! Unfortunately I'm having problems posting the 'medal of honour' (picture) to my blog but if you click on the link you can see it on JBJB's.

    Stop Press: I have been and enrolled at Slimming World tonight. I am full of enthusiasm at the moment and really determined that this time it will work!! Hopefully by the time I go on holiday there will be quite a bit less of me; hopefully by this time next week there will be not quite as much as there is today ).

    More...[email protected]/

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    You do lovely interesting posts!!!!! Blimey, had a look at Sally's blog. How long does it take her to do all that!!!! What a blog!!!! I wouldn't know where to start!!!!! My brother lives in Exeter - looked for him on her photos!!!!!!! I bet he was there somewhere!!!!


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      I just took a peek at Sally's blog (I already enjoy checking yours regularly!) and it was so interesting so thanks for mentioning her, I can add another one to my list for a good read.