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Journals - Owen don't read this!

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  • Journals - Owen don't read this!

    So I would like honest opinions on these journals that I have made. Would you buy them? If so why and if not why not? The first two are slightly flawed due to teething problems with the bind it all machine! Because of the flaws I'm trying to decide of I should add them to my etsy store - they would obviously go into the whoops section but what do you think? Decisions decisions!

    The first one you may have seen before but I have added the word travel along the bottom with scrabble tile style letters.

    It has an extra hole at the top where I got carried away with the bind it all machine!

    This next one you won't have seen yet and I love the colours etc - it's just a pity that I didn't line the machine up properly and it has two extra holes too!

    The last picture is of the back cover - the insides of the covers have also been covered in coordinating paper.

    This last one is not going to be for sale as it's a present for my father in law for fathers day (I'm pretty sure he doesn't read the blog but) - you can still let me know what you think though!

    He goes to lots of meetings and always has scrappy bits of paper and then they get lost etc so I thought I would make him a notebook!

    Anyway - let me know what you think about selling the slightly flawed ones on Etsy - oh and whether you like them too!

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    I'd buy them, they're gorgeous!

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      I'd buy them in a heartbeat! Didn't even notice the 'flaws' till you pointed them out!!! Selina


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        I think they look great - the flaws aren't obvious until you mention them, and even then they're not major.

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