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  • Scorchio!!!

    Once again it's been ages. Sorry but it's just too hot to sit inside and blog, plus there's been so much going on - what with work and temporary single parenthood and nights out. Before I get stuck into anything else I just want to declare this blog a Big Brother Free Zone. If, as the weeks drag on, you get sick and tired of hearing about the 'wacky antics' in 'the house' then please feel free to visit. They are obviously going to keep dragging this torture on until it reaches series 10 at least but I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!!!!

    OK. Rant over. Here we go with the catch-up. This is going to be in totally randon order as I can't be bothered to drag the pictures around to try to get them in the right order. I always end up with strange gaps in my text when I shuffle photos around.

    So first up, Sunday. OH and kiddie had a good long lie-in so I snuck off to the car boot. There wasn't an awful lot to be had really but I got a few bargains. This great little bagful of perle cottons and cotton a broder was 30p. I do love the more matte threads like cotton a broder and flower thread. These will all come in very handy.

    In the past I think I may have blogged a fab book that I had as a kid the Dean's Gift Book of Fairy Tales. The illustrations are gorgeous. I was lucky enough to find a copy in a charity shop in Brixham for about 50p, much to my sister's disgust. Well lookie here. I've found the companion book of Nursery Rhymes with the same illustrators, for 30p.

    One picture in particular is just a gem! It looks soooo much like Evie having a strop. And her favourite auntie now I come to think of it...

    I think I may have to get a copy of that one framed. ) In keeping with the latest swap I'm working on, I found this (complete) set of Russian dolls. I just had to have 'em. Only one of your English pounds.

    Other than that I bought a babygro with a fab print of cupcakes and sweeties. Could come in handy for the Mumsnet Challenge. Also a cotton romper in bright pink with huge white spots on it. Nice fabric to chop up for 25p a throw.

    Whilst on the subject of spending, I almost forgot about my two parties last week. Body Shop on Wednesday - I bought a fab little set of 4 eye shadow cubes. The Pampered Chef (gasp! splutter! choke!) on Thursday - I bought a pump-action oil spray dispenser (Hey! Good for the diet without all the additives in Frylight).
    Hmm... Sometimes I get a sudden jolt that reminds me I'm not quite the same as the 'other mums' at school. I'm not a full-time worker with a hectic schedule, and I'm not a full-time SAH mum who knows her child's every thought and movement. The ladies were all lovely, I knew virtually all of them and get on with them fine, but the first party just left me feeling slightly inadequate and a bit of a fish out of water. Must just have been one of those nights... Thursday was better. Food and drink were flying around and the demonstrations gave a focus to the whole thing. Much more fun even if it wasn't good for the diet.
    Aah... the diet... Well... yes... I think I may possibly be the shortest-lasting Weigh****chers client in the history of the company. I managed 2 full days counting points, sorry Points, but I just can't get to grips with it. I'm not a person that can plan a week's menu in advance. I want to decide what I'm going to have for breakfast when I wake up, choose lunch at lunchtime and I'll think about tea(dinner) in the afternoon. I think I'm just a Slimming World girl. It's ingrained now and I can't reprogramme myself. So, I haven't abandoned my weight loss campaign completely, instead the WW books are going on eBay (hahaha!) and I'm joining Slimming World on Wednesday evening, but I'm Food Optimising from memory (the SW way) 'til then. Hopefully when I have my first SW weigh-in I'll have lost some since my WW weigh-in last week.
    I have also started to up the activity levels. Running is still a dim and distant memory but I've walked about 4 miles today. I'm in training you see. On 21st June I'm doing the Solstice Walk. I think I may have mentioned it... Anyhoo, I now have my fundraising page set up so if anyone would like to sponsor me I would be eternally grateful. And of course it's another chance to dress up. I quite fancy a Harajuku-style fairy with fluffy legwarmers and bright coloured clothes, but then maybe I could wear some of my belly dancing clothes instead...

    So I mentioned OH was away in Cornwall diving... Well here are a couple of photos - one that he took of a crab and another one of the man himself in action.

    He really shouldn't have gone as he was soooo full of cold. He dosed himself up and felt OK, but since he's got back he's got "man flu". He did enjoy the diving tho', so he doesn't care that he feels pants now. Personally I think he needs a holiday... rather than a birthday party (hee hee)... A week in Cornwall is what he needs but with no diving. Shock horror!!

    Actually we've decided we are going to go away but cuz we've left it sooo late - you try and find somewhere. If anybody has any sneaky contacts for self-catering accommodation in Cornwall during the schools hols please give me a nod. Pleeease. ) This is where I want to be... aaaah

    OK I'm going to finish there so that at least I'm all up to date. Then I can come back over the next few days and add all the things I've forgotten.

    Like Trevor McDonald used to say, "And finally..."

    Remember my little comment about the new Dolly Parton song?... Well here she is...

    The Dolly Llama!!

    More...[email protected]/