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  • So it begins....

    ...the weight loss programme. Yup I did it. I went to my first WW meeting. They were a very friendly bunch and several of them I already knew. A girlie I knew through our parents being friends, my neighbour and a friend who I haven't seen for years. SO I got throught the door, registered, paid, got weighed and then sat and talked non-stop for 45 minutes. ) The lady who takes the class - Sue - was a bit thrown I think. She commented on that fact that I knew so many people. Just coincidence really.

    So now all I have to do is read through all the books and decide if I'm going Core Plan or Point Plan. And that's it!! No effort. Huge weight loss. I shall look like my new Meez in no time at all. lol

    After class I had to trot over to Chellaston again to retrieve my mum. My auntie had made lunch for us so I came away podged. She believes in giving you all of your '5 a day' in every meal. Lovely grub but loads of it. Not a great start to the diet but I can't start it until I've read the bumf, can I?

    By the time I got back from there and read my emails it was time to do the school run, so I have do NO crafting at all today ( . And tomorrow I'm in work all day. The poor loves - it's final assessment time for my girls. I'm excited to be seeing the finished results of their work, but I just hope they've all done plenty so we can at least 'pass' them, but hopefully higher grades than that will be awarded.

    On the other hand I am hub-less for the next 2 days as he has gone to Cornwall on a dive trip. So I will be able to spend all evening stitching without feeling guilty for abandoning him. I am just such a good wife. I let him go away about 3 times a year. He just needs reminding every so often that most blokes aren't that lucky hehehe. A little guilty conscience every so often does no harm.

    Right I'm going to start the marathon reading session 'til mum gets here. Tonight I am going to a Body Shop party - woohoo!!! Hopefully I should have some photos to show you tomorrow. Oh and tomorrow night a Pampered Chef Party is being held next door. How funny is that?! Me - the Un-Domestic Goddess going to a party about cooking and kitchen-y things. rmao

    ttfn xx

    Oh btw I'm coming up to 1000 visits to my blog, and I've not had the counter that long... Perhaps a giveaway is in order? I'll ponder it.

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    Well done to you for making an effort.

    I weighed myself this morning and I was a bit over another stone landmark, not happy.
    Seriously thinking of going to an hour long workout in a field tomorrow morning(with proper instructer, in a group).

    Happy reading.

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      Hullo Ethel,

      Just as incentive.........I`ve lost a slightly over a stone in two months. I haven`t been on a diet as such but I`ve kept everything I`ve eaten under 5grms fat per 100grms. I`ve also cooked alot more rather than buying ready prepared foods. It hasn`t been hard tbh, especially as M&S do very low fat chocolate mouses!!!!

      I`m told I look much slimmer (still a long way to go!) but also I feel much better. Being fair skinned and having red hair I`m not a fan of warm weather but I `ve found this summer so far much easier having lost weight. I`m not so tired and have more energy to keep up with my little girl!!

      Stick with it!!!