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Mid week reflection....!

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  • Mid week reflection....!

    So it's wednesday. It's the middle of the week. Usually the middle of the week is just a bit pants...too late in the week to keep talking about the juicy details of the weekend antics! Too early to talk about plans for the forth coming weekend. Too early to second guess the weekend weather.

    What is wednesday? Wednesday for me use to be job day. The job listings are printed in the paper on wednesday. I have a job now ;o) so no need to browse those listings anymore. No need to moan to my partner & friends that I'm jobless. No longer in the land of limbo. No longer feeling those mid-week blues.

    What is wednesday? Today wednesday was excting & enjoyable. It was startimg & finishing two new paintings. Playing with my new camera. Sitting in the garden soaking up the glorious sunshine. Watching my son play & the guinea pigs run away from him! Drinking some californian rose that my other half so nicely poured for me. This particular rose I feel is actually sunshine in a bottle!

    What was wednesday for you?


    P.s. Will upload some pics of the paintings tomorrow


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