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Three in one day?!!

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  • Three in one day?!!

    Well I thought I'd struggle to do one post today but suddenly I'm on number 3!! I found these two postcards in my card organiser and had to post them following that meme I've just done. I'm going to get them framed and put them on the wall.

    And just to prove how pants my day has been take a look at my shopping list on the blackboard. Doh!! Considering the Special Talent I've listed in the meme I think that is hilarious!!!

    But I have had one successful creation today. Gordon, Hugh et al would be so impressed with me today. I have cooked. From scratch. Using basic ingredients. No jars or packets involved.

    OK so there was rather a huge clue in the previous photo. I am very proud of myself. OH is going to Cornwall tomorrow for a few days diving, but he is full of cold and may not be able to go. SO I'm blasting him with garlic to try and kill those pesky cold germs. He's got garlic bread to go with the garlic-laced pasta-fest so those bugs won't stand a chance. I'm not jealous about him going to Cornwall you understand... I didn't infect him with the germs on purpose... honest!!

    btw I have filed my nails a bit. )

    Oh the llama thing. That was the other one. Kiddie (as you may or may not know) has a very unfortunate birthday. Christmas Eve. So every year, like the Queen, she has a second birthday when she has a party or whatever for all her friends. That is when we buy her a big birthday prezzie, then in December she just gets smaller things. Anyhoo, this year she wanted to do something different for her party. Something nobody else has ever done. So I spent a good chunk of Saturday afternoon Googling attractions and party venues in the local area.
    A map of the National Forest came up and right on the edge of the map was... LLAMA TREKKING. How cool! They also do kids birthday parties. I showed her the website and she was sold. So that's what we're doing. 8+ friends will be grooming, feeding and walking llamas. Collecting eggs from the hens (thats hens not chickens - just ask Katie). They then do sack races, space hopper races and other stuff. Party bags, a cake, food and even invitations are included. Can't be bad now can it?

    More...[email protected]/