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  • Sunday

    As the weather was fine (or it was when we set off) we decided to go to Witton Park in Blackburn so the boys could have a run around and to look at the animals there.

    Jacob quite likes the swings!

    And here is one of the rabbits. I've never seen a rabbit so big! The picture is quite deceptive as there is nothing to compare it against, but it was a big rabbit!!

    Unknown to us before we set off, there was a festival being set up for the day with a lot of different stalls. Samuel and I ventured into the tombola tent and we won a new Morgan pink purse for me and a fab tin of Roses!! All for the princely sum of £1!

    I also spied some fuchsia hanging baskets. I have hanging baskets every year. I did used to grow everything myself from seed but just don't have the time these days although I usually buy the little plants and grow them on myself. However these hanging baskets were a bargain - £6 each or 2 for £10.

    So I got 2 and it was a bit of a struggle to carry them both, heard the kids, carry the chocolates and try and rush as it had started to pour down! But I think the hanging baskets look fab!

    And in the afternoon, I made some cards using the Shabby Saturday download from Funky Hand. Pics of those cards to follow later in the week!


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    Aww thanks for sharing that Tip Top. What a beautiful boy you have there. Sundays are very busy for me as i cook Sunday lunch for 8. The whole family get together. Then after its cleared all away i start with the buffet for tea time. A day out would be a welcome change me thinks. Will have to organise one soon. Your photos have got me motivated to do so ha ha! xxx

    Folksy shop


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      Thank you!!