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    I actually enjoyed the running I did this morning and I was very lucky with the weather as it was warm but not hot (it was 6 o'clock in the morning!) and it hadn't started raining yet. This is a view of the route I took which Gmaps Pedometer said is 5.5 miles (there and back)

    I started off walking up Manchester Road which a a long fairly steep hill and when I reached the pub at the top I thought I was probably warmed up enough (and the banana I had eaten before setting off was digested enough) to try running. Now I went onto a couple of running forums and found a schedule that looks good for complete new beginners to running - it basically suggests walking for 2 mins and then running for 1 and repeat this several times. Then repeat that schedule 3 times a week (I will only be doing 2) and make the walking bit shorter and the running bit longer each time until you are running for 10 mins, then 20 mins etc without a break. Well coming back down Manchester Road I managed a 4 minute run with a one minute break and then another 4 minute run. I was very pleased with myself for that - considering that at one point I tried to do a one minute run and could only manage 30 sec cos I was just too tired. And that I am an overweight, asthmatic 30 year old!!

    I was going to baffle you with statistics etc but it seems that the pedometer only measured about a 3rd of my footsteps and calories burnt etc so I'm going to see if it right's itself on the next attempt. The next attempt will be with Tara in the buggy so we will see how that goes!!

    P.S. I know this is supposed to be a crafting blog and I will get back to it soon I promise!

    P.P.S Once I get into the running a bit more I won't be writing about it much here - just major steps - unless I'm stuck for a blog topic that is!

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